Website Redesign

If you have a current website that is in need of a new design, improvement, updating or is not listed on the search engines, we can help your current website design and search status. We will provide you with a FREE website design analysis for your current website. A website re-design is the most cost effective way to revamp your website without starting from scratch. Your re-designed website must capture the visitor's attention, have new information, and engage the visitor, or as quickly as they came to your website they will be off to your competitors.

Let Sight Studio work with you to redesign your current website by updating to current Internet technology, or to help create a new look for your site.Our design team will conduct an interview with the client and go through their current site with them to determine needed improvements. First our website designers allow the client to explain what their goals for the site are, not only the purpose and function of the site, but also explain what and how they would like features changed.

Then our designers will work with the client’s old website and the clients suggestions and requests to come up with a redesigned version of the site. Similar to the standard web design process, no coding is done until the client approves the mock up of the site. So if your company already has a website, but feel that we may be able to help you improve your site, please call us today!

Should you re-design your website ? Ask yourself the following:
1. Does my website serves it purpose ?
2. Is it professional looking ?
3. I would like to have a site something like this...
4. Does my competitor has a better website than me ?
5. Is the website reaching the right audience ?
6. Is my content good ?
7. Is my site show on search engines ?
8. Is the site user friendly with ease of navigation ?
9. Are my pages fast loading ?

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