Analysis and Recommendations

We will provide you with a FREE website design analysis for a new or a current website. The analysis will provide you with an honest look at how your website is or will be presented. You will also receive general recommendations on how your web pages could be designed to meet your needs and your customers. Do you have a website now for your business or organization? If it's not performing as it should or if you are not happy with it for any reason, we will be happy to provide you with a FREE Analysis of your existing business website. We'll tell you what's good about it and what can be approved. Just contact us with the link to your web site and we'll give you a "8-Point Website Analysis" on your site completely free of charge. This analysis will include items such as:

1. Site Design - Does your website image represent you properly?
2. Target Audience - Is your site designed with your Visitors in mind?
3. Content - Is your message getting across? Is it the right message?
4. Navigation - Clear or confusing? Can visitors find what they want?
5. Headlines and Persuasion - Are you grabbing attention and making your case?
6. Calls-to-Action - Are you motivating people to respond?
7. Free Information - Are you giving visitors incentives to contact you?
8. Search Engines - Can people find you on the Search Engines?

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